Gender neutral color/yarn for baby socks?

A couple I know will be adopting a baby soon (hopefully), and I’m planning on knitting them a bib, some baby socks, and perhaps other stuff…

What colors are gender neutral? And, should I use cotton yarn for the whole shebang (socks, bib, and perhaps a blanket altho I don’t think I’m that ambitious).

The baby won’t be here until, like, July or August so I have some time, thank goodness. :slight_smile:

I used primary colors (Knitpicks’ Simple Stripes in Crayon) for a baby set…the recipient LOVED it…or, there’s always purple!

[color=blueviolet]If you want to stay in the traditional realm of baby colors go with pastel creams, yellows, greens, and purples. If the parents to be are into bold colors go with bright colors.[/color]

Since it’s you adopting (Congrats!) then I would go with whatever YOU like. Generally I think gender neutral colors would be considered yellow, green, purple, but if you like blue then go with blue! If the child ends up being a girl you can always add some design to it later if you feel blue is too masculine. I like bright primary colors, too.

You could do a cream or a white and do a bold little gender specific tie or bauble when you know. I am doing a baby blue and white striped ensemble, the hat is blue with little white tassels, the sweater is striped, the booties blue with white ties. I was planning on leggings, but I think I love diaper covers too much to not do one. It’ll have to be white since my blue is running low.

I use cotton or blend with another natural fiber because I can’t stand the feel of acrylic or other synthetics on my skin. Makea me crrrazy. I figure babies are at least as sensitive as I am.

I like the idea of using a color like wheat ( I’m thinking of Lion brand Wool Ease-Wheat). I would use a cotton yarn if it were me–I love 100% cotton for baby stuff–when I was pregnant with my dd–I had my mom crochet tons of stuff in 100% cotton (I didn’t know how to knit back then…). Just my thoughts…

purple on a boy ya’ll?!!! i wouldn’t, but thats just me. i would do pastel green or yellow.

White! I love babies in pure white. Little white hats, booties, sweaters, and wrapped in afghans. THere is just something so sweet about white. I used to buy my babies all white outfits and they always looked so lovely. I say go with white!

Oh and yes; I would dress a baby boy in purple any day!

I like Opal petticoat for baby stuff…has equal “boy” and “girl” colors. Here is what it looks like on some baby socks (the pink/blue/yellow ones).

I don’t think I would either, but I got called out (sorta) for saying I wouldn’t put pink on a boy so I kept it quiet. :rollseyes: :roflhard:

When I was pregnant with my last, my best freind knitted a gorgeous layette set for her. We didn’t know what I was having, so she did it all in white. After I had a fetal assessment at about 8 months, we knew we were having a girl, so she did a really neat intertwined crochet loop edging in pink and white. Very delicate, and just the right touch of colour.

why not purple? :??

bright juicy happy lime green.

cause purple always seemed like a girl color to me. and just the other day i was looking at little boy shirts and i asked my son if he liked it and he said no cause it was purple! i didn’t teach him that he did it on his own… but i didn’t put purple on him when he was a baby. i don’t even think i gave him the purple bottle that came in a gift set!!! :oops:

you could also go for holiday-tupe colors, just make sure to knit it in the sizer the baby will be when the holiday goes around… Like red white and blue for July 4th (if they’re American, I guess!) Or Christmas/Hanukkah/Kwanza colors… or a GREEN hat with a big ole clover for st. patrick’s day, etc…