Gaunlets pattern needed

I have 2 lovely balls of ‘knit picks palette’ in a beautiful red/black colour. I would love to make a pair of gauntlets out of them, does any one have a suitable pattern?

Thanks x

I love gauntlets and long fingerless gloves - think they’re my version of socks - I have lots and lots :wink:

Here are some of my favourites :

My absolute favourite :

I think the ones that are gloves could easily be converted to gauntlets…

mm, they are are all lovely. My yarn is fine and needs size 1-3 needles. I couldn’t make any of those with this. Back on the hunt!

I made these for my brother…
And somewhere I’ve got a picture of them in some sockyarn with a dark orange, red, black and white color repeat. I think they turned out pretty cool…

Just in case you haven’t looked here yet–