The gauge for this pattern is a little confusing. I am not sure if they mean by the inch or by what? (Keep in mind this is a fast knit and the needles suggested are US 15+)

With cables about 10 s
Stockinette 6-7 s

This pattern:

That is a beautiful sweater!! I will be interested in learning the answer too.

Ive got it bookmarked to try later.

I agree, very good looking and should be quick to knit. The gauge is 6-7sts/4" on size 19 needles (size 15 for ribbing). It’s a bulky yarn that’s used on a very large needle to give you that loose, stretchy look They are a little casual about gauge but doing a good sized swatch will give you an idea of the width of the sweater you’ll get and you can adjust stitches from there. Love to see this finished project!

Wow, what a great looking jumper (sweater).

They can’t give you an exact gauge with this yarn because it varies from very thick to very thin, so it will vary with where you measure, but if you get an average of the two counts, you should be good to go. If you use a smooth yarn, you can go with either of the measurements, depending on how much ease you want.