Gauge swatch

Here’s an amateur question, but I need to be sure:

If the pattern states that the gauge is 19 sts = 4", 26 rows = 4": is that the same as 19 sts X 26 rows = 4", or am I missing something?

Should I be making 2 swatches? Dumb question I know, but I’d rather do it right the first time.

Thanks for the help!

19 stitches should equal 4 inches, and 26 rows should equal 4 inches.

Only one swatch is necessary, but the 19 stitch number is most critical. You can always adjust for a difference in row gauge by knitting more or fewer rows, but not for stitch gauge.

Thanks! I’m more confident now, so I’ll knit the one swatch and get started on the sweater.

Thanks again!