Gauge swatch question

Hello everyone. I am about to impose on your wisdom yet again…:smiley:

I am not in the habit of knitting gauge swatches (baaaad me, BAD!) but I want to make one for the project I am about to start (trying to get in the habit of it :wink:

My question is this: The pattern calls for two needle sizes… us #7 and 9 to be exact. So which size would I use for the swatch? I was thinking of using the one that the MAJORITY of the project would be knit with. Just wanted to make sure though… I am sure that it is so obvious, but I like to be anal about these things lol. :oops:
Thanks for any feedback.

YES! Knit with what the pattern will mostly be in.

is it a sweater? They are probablly having you knit the ribbing with the smaller needles, and then switch to the larger for the body. That way the ribbing is niiiiice and gathered.

Does it say anything in the pattern like “X stitches and Y rows =4 inches with larger needles” ? That will tell you for sure…

Hildie’s right. You should check the pattern. They will tell you what needle size they used to get the gauge figures they give you in the beginning of the pattern.

thank you for the validation :wink:

thank yous o much for replying you two:) and yes the smaller needle is for the ribbing so I did the swatch with the larger needle.

Oh and usually I do see where it’s written which size should be used for the gauge, but this pattern did not.

Gauge: 4 Stitches = 1 Inch, 6 Rows = 1 Inch

that is all it said… thanks for you help once again:D