Gauge question

I know about switching needle sizes to increase or decrease stitch gauge, but how do I fix a row gauge? The pattern calls for 12sts/20rows in a 4" square. I get 12sts/15rows. I know row gauge is not always important, but much of this sweater is done by number of rows, not actual measurement, so I’m a bit worried. Will I be able to fix such a discrepancy when I block the sweater? Should I be adjusting the pattern to match? Should I be stretching out the gauge swatch until I get the right count? How can you fix the height of a stitch? I don’t mind a longer sweater, but I don’t want the waist shaping to be on my hips!


It’s likely your row gauge will be a little closer once you start making the sweater. After you’ve done about 6 inches, measure again. If not, what you can do is convert their row count into inches (you know they want 5 rows per inch), then into your row gauge. Or know that your row gauge is .75 of theirs, so whenever it tells you X number rows, yours is 3/4 of that.

I have heard that often changing to the next needle size affects row count more than stitch count so you could try that and see if you get stitches still matching but rows matching too. I would also venture that it is easier to make rows wider by blocking (stitch count) than it is to make them taller (row count).

You were right Suzeeq, I’m up to 17 row gauge now. It’s not that easy to switch to going by length because it’s chunky yarn. There are so few rows in between shaping, so it’s hard to reduce and still be on the RS when there are only 5 rows in between shaping. I’ll try some little adjustments here and there though, and I’ll see what the blocking does.

Thanks again you two!