Gauge question

I had asked the same ?'s as in my other post on a knitting list

one person responded and said that 6 - 6.5spi on sport weight yarn wasn’t a tight enough knit fabric in her opinion for socks.

so that got me to wondering.

I think from what I remember most sock patterns that use sock weight yarn get approx 7-8spi

so is there an average spi for sport weight and worsted weight for socks that you think gives a good fabric for socks - KWIM - dense enough but not too tight but not too lose.

This is my first pair so I don’t know what “just right” is yet.

so I guess my ?'s are

what is the average spi for sock, sport, and worsted weight socks for a good drape (not sure what you call it)

oh and one more - are socks pretty much always divided in half with half the stitches being for the heel flap and half for the top of the foot?

This link shows you what the average stitches over 4 inches is on a certain size needle.

For sport weight yarn you’d probably want to use a US 3-5. Do a swatch and see which fabric you like best. The tighter the knitting is the better the sock will hold up and it won’t feel bumpy/rough under your foot.