Gauge Question

The pattern calls for GGH soft kid mohair with a #8 needle. Gauge is 18sts to 4 inches.

The mohair I have has a gauge of 14sts to 4 inches with #9 needle (info from Manufacturer’s website).

What needle to start checking gauge with? Can I make this work? (THe woman at the LYS yes it is an acceptable substitue).


18sts per inch, what your pattern asks for, is a tighter knit than 14sts per inch, what your yarn suggests, so you’ll need to use a smaller needle than your pattern calls for in order to achieve that. I would try with a size 7 needle and see how it goes. Depending on how tight/loose a knitter you are you may have to adjust and try a few different times before you find the one that ends up working. Good luck.