Gauge of seed stitch (moss stitch) vs. stocking stitch

Hi. I would like to know how the gauge of seed stitch compares size-wise with the gauge of stocking stitch if anybody knows!

Thanks, Cathy

If I remember correctly, seed stitch and stockinette stitch are nearly the same, gauge-wise. Hopefully someone else can confirm that.

One could always cast on, say, 20 stitches, and find out…


Yes, Sue, one could knit swatches, but I am being lazy and felt sure the answer would be out there on the net. So far I have not found it, but surely there must be some sort of general guide for this sort of thing…

I don’t know that there is a general guide. Since it’s sort of like ribbing where you k1, p1, even though the next row is p1, k1 which would flatten out the rib effect, it doesn’t seem like they’d be the same. :shrug:


it would be cool to see how swatches compaired knit with equal lengths of the same yarn, knit in the same (or even different) sized needles in different Stitch patterns
maybe I will do that to see how things go
but I would love to have a refence about hat kind of info
like does a k1p1 ribbing knit up wider than a k2p2
or does a seed stitch knit up a longer swatch than a k1p1 rib
if anyone knows, let me know


I have a friend I consider an expert knitter who thinks seed would behave along the lines of garter stitch and, so there would be less stitches to an inch compared with stocking stitch.

That fits in with the pattern I was wondering about. The yarn it calls for is 18 st/4 inches in stocking stitch, but the pattern stitch for gauge is seed at 16 st/4 inches.

My dilemma is that I want to use yarn which is 16 st/4 inches in stocking stitch. I am knitting a ‘Maggiknits’ pattern which calls for Maggi’s Tweed Fleck Aran (18/4). I want to substitute Rowarn Yorkshire Tweed Aran, which is 16/4. It is not a pattern to be mucked about with, so I can’t just make it smaller. I guess I will use smaller needles than called for and hope to get away with it!

Could you knit it in the next smaller size instead of using smaller needles?


Unfortunately I am already knitting the smallest size, so that isn’t an option.