Gauge in the Round

I’m knitting a pair of gauntlets and the gauge calls for 21 sts and 25 rnds to 4" over ST st using size 8 needles. Since it states 25 “rounds” do I knit it in the round to determine gauge? I thought you always check gauge with a flat swatch.

Also: the pattern includes bobbles. When the pattern says to [K1, yo, k1, yo, k1] all into next stitch…are you supposed to do that all before actually removing the stitch from the left hand needle?

You could probably just start your project and measure as you go. But if you want to do a gauge swatch, there is a way to do a flat one that will give you the same tension as what you’d knit in the round. (You will actually get a different gauge than knitting flat because your stockinette is all knit stitches in the round, but alternating knit and purl rows when knitting flat).

The advance techniques video page actually tells how to do the gauge swatch, but I will quote it here:

“Thankfully, there is a trick to working a gauge swatch for knitting in the round. You knit a flat stockinette sample using all the knit stitch by doing the following: *knit a row; slide the work to the other end of the circular needle or DPN; leaving a long strand of yarn in back. Repeat from *. If you leave the strand in back long enough, you can use it up by knitting with it for a row. This removes the strands from dangling behind the swatch, but is entirely optional. In any case, the end of the row will be loose and messy, so add about four stitches to your swatch to accomodate this.”

If the item is knit in the round, it’s better to swatch in the round too, as many people purl tighter or looser than they knit. See this thread -

To knit a swatch in the round over a few sts, CO about 26 sts and knit the first row, then slide the work back to the other end and bring the yarn loosely across the back of the work and knit another row. Repeat. This simulates knitting in the round (it’s like a giant I cord) so you knit every row/round. Also stitch gauge is more what you need to match, as most patterns give the length in inches, not rows.

For bobble, yest, you k O k O k all in one stitch that stays on the needle until you’ve got 5 sts.

for the bobble you do indeeddo all that into the one stitch before moving it off the needle.
just trust it it will owrk, although it might feel a little strange!