Gauge in a!

Hi!! I have a question about how I am supposed to knit a gauge swatch according to the instructions in this pattern. I am knitting the pattern called Tinsel Tree. To get gauge it tells you

20 sts and 30 rounds/ 4” (10 cm ) in stockinette st (24 sts/4” (10 cm) with lower sleeve yarn)

According to the pattern, that yarn is a fingering weight but the rest of it is made with worsted weight. Is this right??

I was able to get gauge with the worsted weight yarn. Am I doing something wrong? Please help!

Cute pattern.

So the gauge is 20sts/4" in the round with the main worsted weight yarn
and 24sts/4" with the fingering weight.
If you’re making the undersleeves, do a separate gauge swatch with the fingering weight yarn. You may need a different size needles to work the undersleeves.
Getting gauge with the ww yarn is great. Are you going to make the longer undersleeve? I see many of the projects on Rav did not.

Omg I can’t believe I didnt’t catch that there were two gauge references on the pattern!! Thanks for that!!

[B]However, she doesn’t tell you if it’s with the larger needle or the smaller. So when I do the ribbing, should I do it with the smaller?[/B]

I do want to make it long sleeve but not with a different weight yarn…If I decide to make it long sleeve I will just continue with the worsted weight yarn.

Thanks again for your help!!

When you do the ribbing at the neck or the collar is there any direction to change needle to the smaller size? I generally like ribbing on a smaller needle but you may not want the bottom of the dress to pull in. If not, just continue with the main needle.
Measure the size of the arm around and make sure it’s wide enough to be comfortable around the elbow. You can always taper as you work down to the wrist.

Thank you for the advice on the ribbing!

As I was reading through the pattern, I came to a part that I’m not sure I understand. The collar and the yoke are worked flat and you do some raglan shaping as well. Then you join to work in the round and then there is a section called Body Only increases. It says:

In this section work increases only to the outside of the sleeve markers.

Round 1: k to m, slm, k1, m1L, k to 1 st before m, m1R, k1, slm, k to m, slm, k1, m1L, k to m, slm, k1tbl, work chart B, to 1 st before m, k1tbl, slm, k to 1 st before m, m1R, k1, slm, k to m. 4 sts increased.

So what does it mean outside the sleeve markers?

The increases occur in the body of the sweater and not on the sleeves. So increase on the body side of the marker not on the sleeve side.
It might help to place safety pins in the knitting itself to remind you of which sts are sleeve sts. Probably once you’ve done an increase round or two, you’ll be able to see the increases to help make sure of where they go.

Thank you so much!! That type of thing has come up in other patterns I’ve made, so it makes sense. It was just never worded that way haha. Thank you so much for all your help salmonmac. I may not be done with questions from this pattern heheh