Gauge help withfortissima cotton

Gauge for this yarn is supposed to be 6.5 st per inch on a 1 or 2 size needle. On a 2 I got 9 st/inch. On size 3’s I am getting 7 st/in. Should I try 4’s or call it a day? I intend to use this yarn to make socks. Thanks in advance.

I’d stick with the 3s. Going to size 4 with that yarn may make the stitches too loose and uncomfortable for a sock.

Ok so stick with the 3’s and knit following the pattern? I think I can handle that. Will that one stitch make a huge difference in the size of the sock?

Well, you’re going to have one extra stitch every two inches. Given that you’re knitting something so small as a sock, that won’t add up to much. If you’re worried, you can always shave a few stitches off of the number that you cast on.

What pattern are you using?

I was planning on using a ribbed sock pattern from Sensational Knitted socks. So I could adjust for gauge. With a cotton yarn, a ribbed instep and leg would make for the best fir? A sock that wouldn’t fall down constantly, correct?

Yep, ribbing is the way to go to make the sock stay up! It will hug the calf and foot.