Gauge and pattern size

I, too, have LOTS of trouble getting gauge. I’m using a sport wt yarn and trying to get 26 sts per 4 inches that the pattern calls for. I’ve gone down to size 3 needle and my swatch is still 4.5 inches. Can I just go down a size or two smaller on the pattern or how can I make an adjustment that will work?
:muah: Thanks, Teresa

First, a swatch should have more stitches than what it gives for 4"; the edge stitches shouldn’t be measured. The goal is to figure out how many sts in 4", not to make a 4" square.

You could go down in needle size, but if your yarn is heavier than in the original pattern, you might not get the gauge called for, but it would still be too stiff. Finding the needle that gives you a fabric you like, then making a smaller size can be done. What is it you’re making?

I want to make the Rhombi open cardigan by Terri Kruse that has a diamond pattern on the collarband. My yarn is Valley Yarn’s Northfield, a nice merino and silk blend that knits beautifully on size 5 and 6 needles; I think it’s considered a sport wt. I had previously made the “Treyi” vest and all but finished it and had to rip back twice when I couldn’t figure out the collar. I became so frustrated that I frogged the whole thing and continued searching for a pattern I could understand. Is there any help for me???

You can do it - don’t get overwhelmed by instructions you haven’t seen before, break them down into smaller bits, take it stitch by stitch and row by row. Then it’s more manageable and you can ‘get’ it.

Do you have a specific question about a particular pattern?

Yes, getting back to the “Rhombi” cardi, you said that I should knit to a gauge that creates a nice fabric; pattern calls for 6.5 sts per inch–say I get 5.5 sts. How then do I calculate what size to make? For example, my size 39 has a finished measurement of 33.5 inches (cardigan doesn’t close in front). Thanks so much for your encouragement. Would you believe I’ve been knitting on and off for over 25 yrs? Long periods of no knitting due to becoming frustrated because everything I knitted look so homemade and ill-fitting.:knitting: Thanks again, Teresa

Okay, take your gauge of 5½ times 33½" and that’s just over 184 sts. Find a smaller size that’s closest to the same number of sts just below the underarms, at the bust, and use those stitch numbers to knit by. Knit the lengths - body, sleeves, armhole - to the lengths given for the size 39 though.

OK, I understand your math but for the next two smaller sizes here’s what I figured: Size 32 = 196 sts; Size 29 = 172 sts. A total of 12 sts difference on each size. Which should I use? I’m still a little lost here.:teehee:

Is it Rhombi by Terri Kruse? That’s a top down raglan and quite easily adaptable. Choose one of the sizes based on the neck measurement, and just work the increases until the back stitches measure half the 33½" measurement. Or round it up to 17" to give you a measurement of 34" around. Translate the sts that you cast on for the size you’d make into a neck measurement then see which of those sizes is closer.

What type of yarn is required in the original pattern? I believe a gauge like that would be more suitable for fingering weight or sock yarn with probably a size 1 or 2 needle. I get 24 stitches per four inch swatch with sock yarn and size 3 needles, but every knitter is different. Are you using a different yarn than called for but still trying to make gauge?

It might be sock or sport yarn, but is knit at a lot looser gauge than you normally would for socks.

Hate to be so dumb–where do you find the neck measurement on the pattern? Are you talking about MY neck measurement?

The yarn called for is Squoosh Fiberarts Rapture-Sport-6-7 sts per inch. Pattern calls for 6.5 sts per inch and I get 5.5 with my sport wt yarn. I’m a bit confused by Sue’s comments and am ready to give up on making this top down. I’ve only successfully made ONE vest top-down; everything else I’ve frogged.

To find any measurement in any pattern, divide the sts by the pattern’s gauge. Take the cast on number given for the size 39 and divide it by the 6½ sts per inch. That gives you a measurement. Then take that measurement times your gauge of 5½ sts per inch and that’s how many sts will give you the same measurement. Is it closer to one of the smaller sizes, or smack in between?