Gauge and Changes

I have a pattern that requires 18 stitches and 24 rows = 4" in St st on US 8 needles. The yarn says 5 1/2 sts/inches on size US 6 needles. How do I reconcile this?

And when I do find the proper needle size, will that change the pattern’s instructions on how many stitches to cast on and the rest…? If it will - how do I figure that out?

Please help! I’m going to buy some pretty pricy yarn (for me), and I want to get it right. Thanks so much!!!

The goal is to get the same gauge that the pattern asks for, with the yarn that you choose. Therefore you want to choose something with similar recommendations so that getting that gauge won’t be a major pain. The only way to know is to buy a ball of the yarn and make a gauge swatch or two. You might find that the particular yarn with the right needle size to get the pattern’s gauge forms a fabric that is not to your liking. Too loose, too tight, whatever. You can’t know for sure until you’ve used the yarn.

The yarn that you’re talking about sounds more like a DK weight yarn, vs. the pattern yarn that sounds likely worsted. It might be too much of a difference, but you won’t know for sure until you’ve tried.

You just try out the yarn you want on size 8s and see if you get pattern gauge. The label gauge mostly indicates what weight the yarn is; I’ve seen patterns that call for needles a size or two larger than the needles used for the label gauge.


Thank you – :muah: I will buy a ball of the yarn, it’s Classic Elite Wool Bam Boo, and I already have a pair of size 8 needles, so I’ll make a gauge swatch or two and see what magic happens.