%$@$^ gauge again

Ok, really, I’m not too angry here, but I have another blinking gauge question again.

I did a gauge swatch for Cozy and I was so deeply proud of myself. The gauge did not work out for me on the suggested needles, so I went up 1 needle size and it worked marvelously. Now, however, I am pretty sure I am not going to have enough yarn for the project. A couple of the Cozy vets have offered some insight (thank you!) and said they did not have enough yarn either getting what the pattern called for, but what makes this happen if the gauge is correct? I know I’m using larger needles, but if it took me the larger needles to obtain the accurate gauge, wouldn’t that mean I should still need the same amount of yarn? i substituted, but my yarn substitution is not only in the same weight class (WW) but even is the exact same yardage per grams so i figured there couldn’t be a closer matching sub…

Thankfully, Knit Picks has lots more of my yarn in the matching dye lot, but I am really trying to be a good gauge-swatching boy and understand the schematics of this whole thing so I can grow up to be a garment knitter some day.

Thanks for your help! :slight_smile:

It seems to me that if your row gauge and your stitch gauge match what the pattern calls for, you should be okay… as long as the designer/ pattern write was accurate in the amounts needed for the project. I will often guesstimate for my designs, but always err on the too-much side. Plus I usually get at least one other person to test the pattern before I post it.

This may have no basis in any realm of reality, but it just occurred to me that the Reynold’s silk called for in the pattern has very little give. I wonder if you use a stretchier yarn, the whole Cozy is more contracted and will stretch to size when blocked. Just a though. :thinking: