Garter Stitch

ok, just having to make this clear…to count rows with garter st, one bump = on row? or two bumps?

Each ridge, or ‘bump’ is two rows.

oh ok, thanks sooo much! I thought my gauge was SUPER off…I never really do swatches…But then I’ve never really knit a whole lot of garter stitch or clothing either.

So, the red part signifies two rows, right? Just gotta get this straight in my head lol.

Yep! If you look closely, especially if you stretch it out, you can see the knit row/purl rows in it. It’s just easier to count the purl rows as 2, 4, 6, 8

okay, thanks so much! I thought I was nutso, because I thought it was only 7 rows, but now that I know it’s 14, it makes more sense (I didnt count as I went …that seems to make it go slower for me) But now it’s 4 inches. It’s supposed to be 19 rows tho.

Better than 7! As I said before, you’re row gauge isn’t as important as the stitch gauge. And as you work the whole sweater, it may change a bit, too.

oh yea, that’s true. I think it was softer the first swatch I did - with the right needles. The stitches were right, but the rows were off a little.