Garter stitch twisting @ end

I’m a new knitter, I’ve only done a few scarves, but each of them has the same problem. The first few inches twist so the end looks sort of like a cozy yarn piece of DNA. It’s only the first few inches, it doesn’t do this at the ends. I don’t think it’s a tension problem, because, like I’ve said, I’ve made a few, and I think I have that aspect down pat. What could it be?? :pout:

If it’s not very wide it could do this. The other problem might be the yarn.


They’ve been about 20 stiches wide, give or take. How wide should they be?
What could be wrong with the yarn?

Is there any way you could post a picture of what the scarf is doing?

Are you using stockinette stitch (knit one row, purl next row)? If so the “curling” happens often with this stitch and a border on all sides is needed to help prevent the curling.

She said twist, not curl. Remember someone posted a picture here a few months ago of their garter stitch scarf/tie twisting?

As far as it being the yarn - when yarns are spun, they’re twisted and if you knit opposite the twist they can twist back, causing the whole piece to come out weird. But if this happened with all of them and you’re using different yarns, that’s probably not it. 20 stitches should be wide enough so :shrug: I dunno. Maybe you are knitting too tightly.