Garter Stitch in the Round

Hi! I found this article explaining how to do garter stitch in the round. Garter Stitch in the Round It says you knit a round then on the second round you slip the first stitch to prevent jogging. Do you slip the stitch purl-wise with the yarn in the front or in the back for garter stitch? Also what if I started the first round with purling then knit round 2? (Instead of starting with knit then round 2 being purl) would I slip the stitch knit wise or purl-wise and with yarn in the front or in the back?

Very nice article, thanks for the link.
The usual practice is to slip purlwise unless you’re working a decrease. Since this jogless method is clearly not a decrease, slip purlwise (yarn in back so it doesn’t show).
Here’s a neat demo of the helical method mentioned around the middle of the article.

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Then there is another method you could use if you think having one stitch each round with double yarn is OK:

  1. Work all the way around (either knit or purl depending on round)
  2. Do a right lifted increase.
  3. Instead of working the next stitch, slip it. As both this slipped stitch and the increase have the same parent stitch they will make a double stitch. Now the beginning and the end of the round are joined.
  4. Repeat from 1. Whenever you encounter a double stitch, work it as a single stitch.

Notice, the beginning of the round will move one stitch for each round. If you need, keep a marker for where the real beginning of the round is.

This method will create true rounds and not a spiral. The beginning and end of each round will be bound together by the double stitch. Except for the extra yarn in the double stitch, there is no distortion nor anything else breaking the pattern.

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Thanks!! So if The first row was purl then the second row was a knit row, would I also slip the first stitch purlwise with the yarn in the back too? Thank you!

Yes, give it a try and see if you like it. I usually work a variation on the method engblom mentioned although I’m ready to try the helical method out too.

Thank you so much!

Okay thank you so much again!

Hi, thank you for sharing the video I find it very ineterssent.

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