Garter stitch a blanket OTR on BOTH sides

Hey, guys! So I originally started this piece because I wanted something simple. I only had flat kneedles when I started despite doing over 80 stitches of chunky yarn. To say that it was a pain is an understatement!

So I figured I’d move the project to some new circular kneedles I bought. Except it doesn’t come out the same!

I’ve watched tons of videos and tried knitting and ripping off my work multiple times but have absolutely NO idea what I’m doing wrong.

Basically, I know you have to knit and purl rows and you get the garter stitch on the right side, but what I liked about doing it flat was that it’s garter stitch on BOTH the right side and wrong side.

I can’t seem to achieve this on circular kneedles. Is there something I’m missing? Is it simply not possible? This is really frustrating. I’m only a quarter way through the blanket and I need to knit two more among other projects I have planned.

You are still knitting flat?
Then it doesn’t matter that you’re using circular needles, just turn and continue knit stitching away.

Circular needles are just handy for knitting tubes, it’s not a requirement. You can still knit flat with them, just like you can knit circles with DPNs (or straights but that’s a whole other topic).

Yup still knitting flat.

I tried that initially, didn’t think it was any different, but somehow I come up with having the stockinette stitch instead. Could it be that I’m twisting it or something? -_-;; I’m holding it as I would flat, with the yarn ball tail to my left.

I’m lost. It should be the same either way.

Turn at the end of every row, switching the right and left needles in your hands. Knit every row as Mike recommended. As long as you’re not joining to knit a tube you will get garter stitch.
Treat the circular needles as if they were two straights, ignoring the cable connecting them.

I’m sure this works. I use circulars for my washcloths, and I’ve used straights for them before I got circulars.

Maybe a picture could diagnose what’s happening?

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Somebody tell me what OTR means–I spent two years in logistics and read it as “over the road.” :sweat_smile:

As long as you’re not joining the knitting (attaching the two ends of the cast-on row) but are just knitting back and forth, I’m as stumped as everybody else. When you cast on with so many stitches, it’s certainly possible to twist your cast-on row when you first start knitting across, but it wouldn’t do what’s happening to you. I second Mike–we need pics!

Is this afghan just a big square of garter stitch? Try knitting a small swatch–like 20 stitches or so–on your circs. Maybe you’ll be able to figure out what the problem is!

P.S. Do you come from the Noble and Most Ancient House of Black?

@Ouisi I read it as On The Right side.
A garter stitch blanket over the road sounds like extreme yarn bombing to me. Maybe that’s what mirages really are? :stuck_out_tongue:

Ha! “Ooh, lookie. What is that? It’s a highway! Can’t knit over it. Can’t knit under it. Can’t knit around it–gotta knit through it!”

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Old Time Religion? Praying it works on both sides?


Thanks, @Mike and @Ouisi. I needed a laugh! :star_struck:

Stockinette stitch in the round is knitting every round, garter stitch in the round is stockinette stitch on straight, knit 1 row purl 1 row… If you are using circulars as straights, follow the straight row pattern, which is garter stitch (knit) every row and just turn at the end of the row. I think the confusion is coming in the 2 stitch patterns coming out different depending on the use of straight or circular needles. Knitting flat on circulars is the same as knitting flat on straights, the rules of circular knitting do not apply when the stitches are not joined.