Garter Ruffles Baby Blanket


Has anyone on here knitted the Garter Ruffles Baby Blanket? I found it on and decided to try it!! My problem is that after I had knitted a few sections, it didn’t “ruffle” very much. I’m wondering if it will ruffle more as I go along??
Some of the photos on Ravelry show blankets that ruffle a lot and others with no Ruffles at all. I don’t want to knit the whole thing and then find out there’s no Ruffles!! I already ripped it out and started with a different pattern, so I don’t have any pics to show you!
So, anyone experienced with this blanket???


It’s a very clever pattern but there does seem to be variation in the ruffles from project to project.

Maybe it would help to send a message to a couple of the fairly recent Ravelry knitters to see what their experience was while knitting.
This project seems to show ruffling after several repeats.

What yarn are you using?

I’m using 2 strands of Bernat Baby Sport yarn with needle sizes 13 and 3. That’s the needle sizes called for in the pattern.

Also, the last few knitters of this project on Ravelry don’t have any ruffles in their blanket (or hardly any). So I don’t want to ask them!!!


No, definitely don’t ask the last 3 knitters where the ruffles went! The project I linked to looked pretty nice and it wasn’t completed all that long ago.

I wonder if going up a needle size to a 15 would help? It seems like it would be too painful to drop down a size on the 3.

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I did it awhile ago. I loved how it turned out.

sorry this is the only picture I took of it.


Thanks Deby!!!

Do you remember what size needles you used??


Not positive but looking at my needles I believe it was 13 and 3. And the yarn was Metallic Luxe from Loops and Threads.! 50% Acrylic/50% Polyamide.