Gardening, Landscaping, and other Home Improvement Projects

I thought I’d start a new thread so we wouldn’t have to keep “digging” up my other one :wink: I was invited out to help a friend split her hostas, so I’ll be coming home with some new ones!!! :happydance: I’m also going to get myself a chainsaw and maybe a hatchet. 9 more bushes to go, but 3 currently have nests in them.

Excellent! I picked up a couple small hostas a couple years ago and now have 6 or 7 because they are happy here–since they stay small they are well on their way to making a nice edging around the little flowerbed along the deck. Haven’t flowered yet tho’

Oh I love hostas! I they grow fairly wild on both sides of my house. I just let them be. It’s a nice border and helps hide me from my nosy mean neighbor :slight_smile:

I have mostly variegated hostas and they have grown huge in a few places even though I’ve divided them a few times. Will try to get a photo to post.

Also, have daylilies and peonies which are probably the easiest and most rewarding flowering plants to grow.

I just put in 3 tomato plants to help with my salad expense this summer. They are mostly paste type tomatoes and one regular slicing (Early Girl). Have seeds for cucumbers and squash which I hope to plant this coming week. Kind of got out of the habit of growing veggies after my stroke 4 years ago, but with every thing getting more expensive, I decided to try again.

Hostas are lovely and I’m sure yours will look fantastic!

I wish I had more full sun areas in our yard - we have that in the front but our homeowner’s association doesn’t want gardens in the front yard and I suspect the deer would just consider it a salad bar anyway, and our back yard gets only part sun. I’m just doing container gardening again this year - tomatoes; cherry tomatoes; peppers; chives; dill; sweet basil; rosemary.

Some years I try different herbs to see if I like them - like last year I grew pineapple basil which smells more like pineapple and basil while the taste is mostly basil but it worked okay in salads.

This year I was stunned to find chocolate mint…it smelled heavenly…like a Girl Scout Thin Mint cookie! But it tasted just like regular mint so I was disappointed. I had visions of getting my chocolate fixes from something GREEN and good for me!!! :roflhard:

I grew chocolate mint a few years ago just for decor and the smell :slight_smile:

I saw your post about the hostas yesterday and thought to myself didn’t I use to have hostas in the back yard next to the porch. Went out today with a rake and found a bunch of them barely poking through the ground. Our back yard is fairly wooded so I normally don’t rake but it was worth it to get the hostas back! I’m hoping that now they are not covered in leaves they will be able to grow and catch up. Come to think of it I really need to make a map of my yard so I can remember were I have planted perennials. I was shocked last weekend when I was transplanting a bush to find a bulbish type thing starting to shoot right next to where I was moving the bush. My Mom swears it is a Peony I don’t remember planting a peony there. I thought the memory was supposed to go much later:teehee:. I’m not even 30 yet!

I would love a large veggie/herb garden in the back but I don’t have a large enough area with enough sun. Right now I have been having pretty good luck using containers in my sunny spots. My neighbor all make fun of me for having pots of tomatoes growing on my drive way. But they have never turned a bag of tomatoes when I eventually get over run with them.

I’m starting to think that my “brainiac” ideas are a little too much :noway:

We have a tractor tire rim we use as a fire pit. It’s 17 inches deep and about 4 feet in diameter. Well, I had this [I]great idea[/I] that it would look so cute if I buried it and put cute retaining wall blocks around it :roll: Well, 22 5 gallon buckets of dirt later and my idea seems more like a pain, literally!!!

Just caught your thread on gardening and was wondering if it is to late to plant tomatoes in containers? I love tomatoes but living in a retirement park they don’t mind flower in the ground but not veggies. I have seen many a tomato plant in pots and I do have a large deck. One side has a roof and the smaller side doesn’t and perfect for pots. So if someone with more of a green thumb than me could you let me know if it is to late. :waah: I sure hope not.


Gingerbread I don’t think you are. You might not get as many tomatoes as someone who planted earlier but that might not be a bad thing! I planted grape tomatoes in early June last year. They don’t take as long to mature. By the time the rest of my tomatoes that had been planted a month or so earlier were starting to mature I was already enjoying my grape tomatoes. They were so good!

Jessica I hear you on the brilliant ideas not being so great once you start to implement them. I won’t share my story of trying to remove an overgrown holly bush. My only tip is make sure you cut all the branches before you begin to dig.:lol:

Gingerbread, you can still plant them, the growing season has just started here. I suggest thought that you put a rock or some type of weight at the bottom of the planter. Tomatoes can get really top heavy and I’ve had many fall over :doh:

Please don’t crucify me for saying this… but I’m starting to think I should of been born a man. Don’t get me wrong, I like having boobs and all :wink: But I had my first chainsaw experience today and it was awkward. Standing there with this big chainsaw, bulky goggles, muddy jeans and shirt. Not so sexy.

I have always been grateful to be deficient in that area. I have always been somewhat of a tomboy and still would rather be outdoors working than indoors. I do most of the work around here and you’re right big breasts get in the way and get bruised easily.

I hear ya on the boob thing! LOL!

MY CALADIUMS ARE COMING UP!!! Yippee and Hooray!!! And elephant ears and OMG, all sorts of things I thought had died when we moved!!!
Doin tha happy dance here!!!

I swear that these bushes are the spawn of the devil. Even with the chainsaw they are super hard to cut down :evil: I got one more down, cut below the soil level and buried. Cut the limbs off of two others but decided to end it at that for the day. The air is so heavy with moisture that it just drains you.

Maybe if you wear a low-cut sexy flannel shirt with the goggles and chainsaw that would help?! :mrgreen:

Hey, I think a great definition of sexy is ‘able to do work so I don’t have to do it all’!!! :roflhard:

Well, the rocks that I dug out of the overgrown “garden” in the back are around the fire pit. But not like I can use it, everything in the state is waterlogged. I was out doing all this while my neighbors across the street were just sitting on their front porch. I’m thinking the whole time, what a nice view, my sweaty fat *** working in the yard :roll:

I’m starting to think I need to give all this up and build an ark instead :nails:

My in-laws will be here on Monday and offered to help us build a deck. I also think we’ll put up a shed if it ever stops raining. Otherwise there are a million and one projects in the house we’re doing as well. Think I may start blogging our adventures in home improvement :think:

Oh, I forget to add that we finally got all the bushes down as well. It so nice to have them gone, so much more room and view.

Sounds like you are super busy! Great job on all that work! :yay:

We’ve got three bags of mulch yet to go and want to do some landscaping in our backyard…with this heat, though, it’ll have to wait.

We went to my step-son’s soccer game yesterday - it was 100 degrees and felt like 110 - ugh!

I guess I’d take the rain over the heat any day. I don’t do well in heat! But today, I’m shocked, the sun’s out!!! :woot: