Gaps in my gloves

Hi all! I just finished my pair of fingerless gloves, i got the pattern from:
They came out beautiful and look great except on both gloves i noticed a gap in between the thumb and the body (on the inside part where your thumb joins with the rest of the hand). This is my first glove project, so i wasn’t sure if i messed up somewhere (which is very likely), or if its normal to have a gap… i just weaved the gap closed, since my weaving skills are not so great, it doesn’t look perfect but good enough… besides who will be looking at the inside of my thumb (…erm… except another knitter hehe)… is there any way to counteract the gaps? Thank you for any help!

It would seem that the “gaps” (or lack thereof) would probably depend on how tightly or loosely you did this part of the directions and perhaps how you pick up those 4 stitches.


  • move sts from holder onto 2 dp needles, distribute evenly (or 4 sts on one, 6 sts on the other so that you know where the beg of the round is)
  • with another dp, pick up 4 sts along glove edge

It’s kinda hard to tell without a pic of the problem…

I know I’ve seen various tricks on this site for trying to eliminate gaps…but ya gotta stick around & read alot! LOL

One I recall (I think) had to do with socks & had you cast on/pick up an extra stitch on both sides & then knitting them together on the following row.

HTH a little.