G'ah!! Must stop shopping!

I’m horrendous, I have no will power and now, I have no money! :tired_face: I added to my circular sets (again) over the weekend, and now am actually sitting on my hands to stop myself buying another set! How many sets of nickel needles does one person need?! Add to this £50 worth of books currently sitting in my amazon basket to boot :rolling_eyes: This knitting malarky was supposed to be a cheap hobby to replace riding - I spent less on the horse! I do think my mother just may well kill me if I mention this new spending obsession… I haven’t dared mention the £40 worth of wool I bought last week :laughing:

Does anyone have some willpower they would be willing to donate? Please? Even just a smidgen? *sighs dramatically !

:joy: No, knitting is a not a cheap hobby! At least in the beginning till you acquire your needles and some stash. :wink:

I don’t know how many sets you’ve bought, but you really can do with 2 sets and maybe some extra cables of different sizes. I suggest if you find you want to try a new brand/type of needle to just buy a single or a sampler set rather than buy the entire big set. I have two sets and multiple other singles or tips I’ve bought when I needed two of one kind for something like socks or knitting with two circulars.

As for books…I stopped buying books. I just never knit anything from them. I just use Ravelry. While it’s not necessary with sites like YouTube and Knitting Help having a book on some special technique(s) isn’t a bad idea. I also have a few books on color and fair isle charts that come in handy and info for those is harder to find online. You can also find books on cables which I know you like… (IIRC).

Do you like fiction? I read just about any knitting fiction available and can give you authors if you like.

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I don’t really read much, the books I’m looking at are more things like Knitter’s Bible, and Knitting Answer Book, Increases and Decreases and also Cast On, Bind Off - real reference book types. I used to read loads but developed vertigo and it’s hard to concentrate on text when the world is spinning :laughing:
As for circ. sets I now have 3 - the Zing, the Options and the HH bamboo - and am really trying hard not to buy this other one, but it is a full HH steel set: https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B00R36KZ5E/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o01_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 :heart_eyes:

Ok, so I caved and bought the HH steel sharp set. So glad I did now as I got an amazing deal on it, all needles from 2 - 10 mm, 5 cables, cable adapters, cable extenders, point protectors, cable ends, darn it needles, snips and safety pins, all for under $75! Also picked up a couple of Kath Kidson storage boxes in Hobbycraft for $15, need a couple more and that should be my stash sorted, especially when my yarn winder arrives and I can turn it all into cakes.

:joy: Boy, you ARE addicted! But now you’ll have needles for everything you want to do!

I use a different type of needle case, but I’m sure those will work fine. I use this one if anyone is interested in a different type. I’ve asked for an Etsy Gift Card for Christmas. :wink:

Yup! I’m almost tempted to sell either the option or zing set, not sure though. The only thing I noticed on the steel HH set is that the panda point protector essentially has you sticking the needle up Panda’s bum :joy: childish maybe but still, it did make me giggle!

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I would use them a bit before selling them. You never know what you will end up liking best.

True, to be honest the set I like the least so far is the bamboo HH! :rolling_eyes: but then the yarn I mainly use seems to work best with a metal needle. When I finally get round to doing a shawl/hap then I’ll want the bamboos though.

You can get stopper that are very individual for some interchangeables on Etsy. Here’s a listing for a different brand, but she’ll make stoppers for Hiya Hiya. I know because I bought a pair from her. They make it like I’m knitting with jewelry.

Just send her a message and ask for the kind of stoppers you want or the hardware to make them yourself.


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@lostarts :heart_eyes: I’m supposed to STOP shopping dammit :joy:

I feel for you so bad. I think I need to delete my ebay account - I went on it for about half an hour, and found myself a week later with 5.1kg of yarn and £50 gone from my bank account. But I can’t even regret it because now I have bags and bags of yarn stashed under my bed!

I also want a set of KnitPro interchangable needles… so tempting… so expensive…

You made me laugh out loud! You should
Write a book…along the lines of the shopoholic book. :smile:

I may have a barely used set of Options going spare… :wink: