Gah! Help!

urgh ok a couple of weeks ago someone bumped an old thread with a beautiful scarf in it - the scarf was in white and what looked like alpaca or some other soft snowlike yarn. Anyway it was semi-lacy and beautiful. So I found a yarn that would be perfect for it and now I can’t find the thread :rollseyes:

I’ve searched under scarf and either I’m blind, tired or suffering too much from this summer cold to see it now. Can anyone help? =D

Was it Kemp’s scarf?

Not that one… though that is gorgeous too!

It was thinks sortof plain but with a lacey / holey middle line down the length of the scarf

I knew I should have bookmarked it!

Oh YAY today I’ve finally found it! After much searching and being totally blind it was this one here

OOooh that is very pretty! And not too complicated!

That is pretty!

grin exactly! I thought this would be a great first foray into lacey scarf knitting as it looks fairly straightforward. I want to try the gorgeous ones that Becca and others have been doing but they scare the hoohas off me!