GAAA (Great American Aran Afghan) - with a story to tell

I really want to make the GAAA. When reading a blog about it, one of the designers (Dagmara Berztiss) mentioned being taught to knit by none other than my DH’s grandmother! Her square is a Latvian design. (I have many miniature mittens knit by his grandmother - all with different Latvian symbols). Anyhow, this afghan has piqued my interest ever since reading about it. So…last night I was going through a box of old pictures looking for some for a friend’s 50th :shock: birthday party, when I came across a picture of none other than my DH’s grandmother, Dagmara Berztiss (knitting) and another woman!

I really wish I had picked up knitting again before she passed away. I would have loved for her to teach me how to knit those symbols and the teeny-tiny mittens!

Oh my gosh! That is so cool!!! :yay:

Awww! How neat!