FYI: new Silky Wool by E. Lavold!

Just a quick FYI to those of you who love Elsebeth Lavold SILKY WOOL (dk weight):
she has introduced [B]SILKY WOOL XL[/B](worsted weight)!

It’s about time! :happydance:

I knitthis, this , this, this (baby) and this in Silky Wool (dk). It’s a fantastic yarn, 191 yds per hank! It blocks so well, too! It’s been her best-selling yarn to date. IMO Silky Wool XL will do well, too!

If you haven’t tried Silky Wool, you must treat yourself! :thumbsup:

This yarn is tempting me, but what’s the difference between dk weight and worsted weightZ?

“dk” is thinner…it knits at about 22st=4" in st st

“worsted” is thicker…it knits at about 18-20st=4" in st st

Many cardigan and pullover patterns ask for worsted weight, or even thicker. When you find a pattern that you like, you must hunt for the right yarn, starting with the thickness of the yarn.

You could not make a dk yarn behave like a worsted yarn. If you forced it, like going up in needle size til you achieve 18-20st=4", the resulting “fabric” would prolly be very mesh-like. Too loose.

On the other hand, you couldn’t make a worsted yarn behave like a dk. If you went down in needle size, forcing the worsted to knit up at 22st=4", the resulting “fabric” would be thick like a rug, or mat!

So I was excited when I saw that EL has produced a worsted weight Silky Wool. It is such a nice blend! Really soft, but doesn’t pill. Displays cables very crisply. Also produces an interesting stocking stitch as well! Also, rev st st!

It’s beautiful! I’m not sure I can tolerate it though. Most wools…even wool blends are itchy for me. Boo.

Very pretty! Thanks for the review :slight_smile: I am dying to go to Webs and touch all the wonderful yarns there! I do go to my LYS, but the thought of going there, with the incredible selection they have is something I REALLY want to do! Too bad hubby has no patience for shopping…especially yarn shopping :pout: Must find a friend willing to take a small field trip with me!

No higher praise than coming from you! hah! I’m sure that if Elsebeth Lavold knew who you are, she’d be paying you for endorsing her! LOL!

Actually, Elsebeth does know me. I took 20 hrs of classes from her on our Knitter’s Alaskan Cruise in 2004. Plus, we’ve emailed a few times about her designs (patterns). If someone has a question, or an error to report, Elsebeth responds asap.

But, I endorse her yarn for its qualities! It’s a nice perk that she herself is so sweet and gentle. And talented!