FYI: Basic Black Hoodie pattern

Remember the Basic Black Hoodie that I finished up back in February, 2010? I didn’t have a link for the pattern at the time, but one of my Ravelry knitting buddies has found a link to the pattern on Patternfish, and here it is:

Basic Black Hoodie
Classic Elite Leaflet #9048, two designs

My Ravelry notes,if you are still interested.

Thanks! I like yours better than the one pictured.

Oh yeah…yours is way better looking. It’s a pattern I wouldn’t even look twice at with that yarn and photo, but yours would draw a lot more people!

I agree - yours is much classier! :slight_smile:

I’m with Jan! Amazing what difference a color change (and good photo) make!

I’m definitely in agreement with everyone else here … yours turned out fabulous! Thanks for posting the link! :muah:

Just one word…[COLOR=“Red”]WOW[/COLOR]!!!

The yarn in the pattern picture appears to have a nubby texture.

Artlady’s choice of yarn is must better.

I’d love to have one of these without the hood. I need a nice black sweater or jacket.

Does anyone know if the pattern gives instructions on how to make it without the hood?

The pattern doesn’t specifically speak to a Hoodless Version.
But it would be entirely do-able to pick up stitches and knit a collar instead, or
even just a little 1" ribbed border.

[B]That’s gorgeous![/B]

Will you be the wearer???

Thanks Lana, and yes, this hoodie is for me! :thumbsup:

This just goes to show what a good eye for a pattern can do. You took this sweater that as pictured looks kind of out of date and used different yarn and updated it. Very nice hoodie!

Count me in with everyone else in here who thinks yours looks much better than the one in the picture.