FYI --Addi interchangeables

I just got an e-mail on this. Haven’t seen them, and don’t know any more about it, but I knew there are lots of Addi fans here!

My first reaction was HOORAY!!! :woohoo: :cheering: :happydance: :woot: :yay: :slight_smile: cloud9 :blooby: :balloons:

Then I looked at the price :shock: :noway: And I’m disappointed that they’re only offering 3 cords and 1 connector.

And I, personally, prefer the naturas instead of the nickel. :verysad:

But maybe they’ll work for someone else :slight_smile: I was wondering when addi was finally going to wake up and find a way to compete int he interchangeable market!!!

i can’t imagine spending that much… if you have been knitting awhile you have alot of needles all sizes. if you are a newbie then you may not know if you will be addicted enough to spend the $$ for those. I bought Denise’s early on and still love them… they also will replace parts with a smile that wear. no charge…:yay: :waving:

Love Addis but that is too expensive.

To side track, Lisa I love the look of the Romance shawl you are knitting. Is it an easy pattern to knit?

Ummm…yes and no. :slight_smile: This is my first large lacy type project, and apparently I can’t count to 6! :roll:

But, once I got the hang of the pattern, yes, it’s pretty easy–so long as you pay close attention! (I started over twice, and have probably knitted twice as many rows as I have to show for it (what with ripping back a few rows, and tinking quite a number of rows).

But once I got past those first 3-4 inches, I’ve found my stride, and it’s going pretty quickly.

If you are a lace knitter at all, it’s probably a breeze!

Hi, Lisa! :waving:

What a gorgeous shawl! It’s so cool! I love that it’s reversable.

About the Addi’s - VERY costly and kind of short on cables.

I have the Options interchangeables and they’re awesome. Lots of cables come with the set and they’re a dream to use. Cables are very flexible, too, with very little “memory” so they don’t snap back to a coiled position while you’re working. Perfect for Magic Loop socks!

Thanks for sending the notice about the addi’s though. I’m sure lots of Addi-addicts will be interested.

Happy Knitting!

Ruthie :slight_smile:

Thanks, I too was all excited til I saw the price!!!

That’s an insane price for the Addi interchangeables! I have some Addi’s, and I love them. But for $100 less I’m very happy with my Options!

I just pre-ordered mine from DreamWeaver Yarns. I can’t wait. Once I got my hands on a couple of pr of Addi Turbos, I couldn’t put them down! I have the KP Options (nickel) and Denise - but I can’t WAIT for the Addis. Ordinarily, I wouldn’t spend that much on myself for needles, but my birthday is next month - so technically DH is buying them for me for my b-day! (I just have to break it to him)

I have a few of Addis and a set of Options and frankly I don’t see much difference so I don’t imagine they’re be a huge run on them at this point. I do know someone who bought them though and she has plenty of Options so I think it’s ‘because it’s there’ thing.

Yeah, I saw the add too and thought they were way over priced - especially compared to Options. I love my Options and Harmonies!

If you buy them from Germany you will pay around $125.00. My LYS will be selling them for $145.00. I like the needles but I am not sure I want to spend that much on them. I have my mother’s Boye’s needlemaster set and other than not having enough long lengths I am perfectly happy with the set.:cheering:

They are a tad different… don’t get me wrong. I LOVE my Options needles. But I just love the feel of my Addis. And if you don’t have to use a tool to keep tightened (I kept having to re-tighten my Options every several rows with the little tool they included) - then it’s worth it to me. That’s why I love the Denise needles - just turn and click. However, I like the FEEL of and the cables of the Options much better. I figure the Addis will be like a hybrid of the two.

I have knit with Addis and while they are slightly different it’s not enough for me to spend that much money on them. I’d rather spend it on yarn. :wink: I know some people will disagree and that’s okay.

I do agree that the non-key tightening they are saying they have is a great idea. Just a note though… I’ve [I]never[/I] had to re-tighten my Options. I use a rubbery thing to tighten and loosen with and it works wonders.

What rubbery thing do you use? Maybe this will cure my Options woes (though there aren’t many - I have to repeat how much I LOVE my Options). I agree with you - they are SO expensive… but honestly, I would never just buy these. My DH told me to pick something out that I would not normally buy for myself. I almost bought yarn - but I always knit things and give them away. The Addis would be all for me and me only. I couldn’t pass up the chance for a totally selfish bday gift!! :flirt:

I use something that looks like this (mine is green though). DH said he got a roll of it at the hardware store, but I’ve seen it in drugstores and discount stores like Target. It’s used for shelf liner, under rugs, etc. I keep a piece in my Options binder at all times. :thumbsup:

I totally understand you’re ordering them for something like that. It’s hard to resist when DH says go for it!!

I had seen them earlier today. I wish the Addi people had included better photos. And, closeup photos. I want TO SEE the mechanics of them before investing.

I do think they are pricey, being triple the price of a full set of Options.
Holy Cow! I was stunned that they didn’t offer a competitive price.

Options will remain the mainstream favorites, I think…due to the reasonable price of the full set, and because you purchase the cables and needles separately. This allows some knitters to get just a few pieces if the full set is too much money at the time, and allows others to get additional cables and needle tips to add to their full set!

The great advantage Addi interchangeables will have is: [B]the LYS![/B] Up til now…Options, Denise, and Boye have had a monopoly on interchangeable circs. The LYS was stuck. The LYS could only offer straights and individual circs. Now the LYS will be able to compete in the interchangeable market! I think that is what Addi is counting on. Their LYS shop owners have prolly been crying for an interchangeable set!

I am anxious for knitpurlgurl to give us her full report (assessment) on her set of Addi interchangeables!!! :cheering:

I still love Addis for single ply yarn, and/or “splitty” yarn.
I use Addis for Malabrigo especially, and am using Addis now with my Crystal Palace “Taos” yarn. Addis work so well with splitty yarns…I’m sure you’ll agree!

My opinion would be to have 10 cords… there are 10 needles after all… :???:
I don’t think I’d waste my money on this set. You could only work 3 projects at a time… what a waste of the other 7 needle sets :teehee:

The owner of my LYS told me she has had the opportunity to actually feel them and handle them…and she said they are WONDERFUL! One click, like Denise’s. And a smooth join, and flexible cables…with no kinks.


I think I’ve already fallen in love with the case! I love my Denises and the Options are fine, but there’s something about that click when you connect needle and cable, I’ll definitely be checking them out.