Fuzzy Feet pattern question

[color=blue]Fuzzy Feet
I love these, my feet are always cold lately lol. There is a part of the pattern that confuses me I am sure when it is explained I will be :oops: , but here goes:
Heel[on 22 stitches]

Knit 11 sts past the marker, then turn and work back over the stitches you’ve just worked [ignoring the other 22 stitches on your needle, which will be held to become the instep] and

Heel Row 1: sl 1, p 21, turn
Heel Row 2: s1 1, k 21, turn

So here is my question–
If the heel is created on 22 stitches, but the pattern says to knit 11 stitches past the marker and then turn and knit these same stitches. How does this end up to be 22 stitches?.. :?? OMG I know I am being dense lol.

Thanks for your patience!
anne [/color]


I’ve made these for my daughter and nieces and they love them!

You knit 11 stitches past the marker so the heel will end up where it’s supposed to be but you will be working a total of 22 stitches for the heel and saving 22 stitches for the instep. Once the heel flap is about as long as it is wide you start decreasing to shape the heel, then pick up stitches to form the gusset. Just follow the directions and once you’ve made the first bootie all will the clear. These really work up very quickly.


[color=blue]Hi Judy! between you and cheesiemom I think I have it! Thanks so much! Stay warm today… the wind is sooo cold. :hug: anne [/color]