fuzzy edges and corners, messy looking knitting!

Hi knitters,

I’m (still!) working on a baby cardigan I started a few months ago (I unraveled and started again in frustration). This is my first project besides a baby bonnet knitted before. What I notice is that my edges are kind of messy looking, especially at the buttonhole rows (which begin with a slip stitch). It’s an ugly jagged edge. Other untidy places are where I cast off and tied a loop to the end. I also noticed that the bottom half of the cardigan has even, knit stitching but that it becomes progressively messier.

How can I improve the appearance of this messy knitting? Will washing the garment after knitting help? I had wanted to give this away as a gift, but I’m not proud with how it’s turning out :frowning:

Thanks in advance for any tips you can offer!

It’s a learning process for all of us believe me.
Washing and blocking may indeed even the knit sts out a bit. For the edges, some may fall into a seam, depending on the pattern. This is a handy guide for slipping the edge sts for a nice chain edge.

It may be that you’re relaxing as you knit (this is good!) but you may not be paying as careful attention to each stitch as you go along. In many cases this evens out with practice.

Here’s a good way to end the bind off with a simple, neat end stitch.

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