Furry yarn

does anyone else buy the furry yarn. i make alot of stuff out of it.:sun:

You mean fun fur? I can’t stand it!! I’ve used it a time or two, but there is just something about it I can’t stand. Maybe it is the long fibers? My dd is currently knitting a striped scarf in the round using it. She saw one at Hot Topic for $30 and thought, “I can make one of those for under $10” and she is.

I love, love, love furry yarn. Fun fur, bliss, eyelash, fancy fur…you name it, I buy it. It looks so soft and fun and is easy to work with. I have all girls so they really like fancy looking things. I do scarves, picture frames, flip flops etc…

A lot of people like fun fur so you’re not alone. :wink:

Personally I hate don’t care for it. I learned to knit because I like the way the stitches look and you can’t see them at all with the furry yarns.:teehee:

I knit a few scarves with it for a gift exchange at work, very difficult and I’m an experienced knitter. Interesting article in the local paper in a crafts for christmas piece; the local manager of Hancock Fabric was quoted that she didn’t know why the furry yarns were being discontinued since they were so popular the last few years… She’s a quilter…

I’m knitting a scarf for my little sister right now with Fun Fur and I didn’t really mind it at first, but now I think i’m allergic! Every time I work on the scarf, my eyes and throat get itchy. :frowning:

A friend of mine called it “roadkill”.

Hi, I like fun fur too! I made a wig out of different colors for halloween. I have a friend that loved it when I showed her so now I’m knitting her a scarf in Jai alai by Moda Dea. AcMoore was discouting many fancy fur yarns same with Micheals. I think it’s a shame because many young and old alike like it.

It’s not bad, if you hold it together with another regular yarn, to give it more “body”.

I use it for making my furry steering wheel covers.

And I use it to make garland for holidays.

i like it for some things, a finishing touch. I edged ponchos in it, actually stranded it for a purse, that sort of thing. Just bought some in teal on clearance today to do part of a purse for my mom…like the flap edge or something. Just a bit here and there. :slight_smile: