Funny look today?

I’ve been making a mobius, basically a wrap that is like a cowl but wider so that it goes around your shoulder. Well, according to the pattern, the large size correlated with CO 350 stitches. So I did that.

Well, I was at the LYS today and someone asked me what else I was knitting (besides the sock I was learning) and I mentioned the Mobius. I told the LYS owner that knitting 300+ times in one round wasn’t as overwhelming as it was when i started. She looked at me like THREE HUNDRED???

I didn’t have time to get into a discussion about it but she was one of the ones who suggested that CO #.

Sure hope I’m not making a cowl for Sasquatch.


A lot depends on your yarn and needle size. I’m getting ready to CO a 4’ throw with 120 stitches. It’s a larger (thick and quick) yarn with size 13 needles.

Sure hope I’m not making a cowl for Sasquatch.

I hope not, too! But if you are, I made a hat last year that will go with it.

I made one with more stitches than that, on size 8 or 9 needles, it is loose on normal sized people, but fit me ok.

let us know how it comes out, it will look TOO SMALL at first, then as it gets wider, it will look more and more normal. The needle wire kinda holds it all open.


It’s like those lengthwise scarves… several hundred stitches per row, but only a few inches worth of rows. Depending on your gauge that should do fine; if you’re getting 3sts/inch though, that’s huge. I just finished the Flower Petal shawl from elann and the last few rows the st count was about 350-375.

I’ll let you know! :mrgreen: