Fun way to add wash info/name/etc to gift knitting

I just saw this link about using iron on transfers to label your knitting with fiber content/name/wasing instructions etc. Whatever you can get your ink jet to print. There is a whole little tutorial on how to do it.

How COOL is that???

I KNOW!!! I’m so going to do that. Even if it seem slightly cheesy, I do think the washing information would be very helpful :thumbsup:

WOW, thanks Kemp…my sister is CONSTANTLY asking me why I don’t label my knitting…AND I had to write a HUGE note on an a label from the 100% wool yarn that I used to make an afghan for a gift…I wanted them to :shock: see that it was 100% wool and, as I said, I wrote in huge letters how to care for it…label would have looked nicer; Although…the huge label note still needed to be included to these recipients…lol!!
Thanks again…will be using it quite a bit for Christmas :smiley:

That is SO cool. Just last night, I was thinking, I wish I had personalized labels, as I’m beginning to complete some of my Christmas knitted gifts. :cheering:

That is a great idea!! I was using the little tags that just say “Handmade”, but this is soooo much better! Thanks for the link!!

Another tip when giving knitted gifts, add a few yards of the yarn tied in a little bow, so heaven forbid if it ever got a hole in it, they could stitch it up with the original yarn.

Love that idea Silver! Thanks.

Oh So Cool !!!

I usually order my labels but I just have to give this a try!!!
Thanks for the “tip”

Thanks for posting this link!