Fulled Lupo Tote

Wow!I just noticed this pattern. This is just what I’ve been looking for.I wnat to do this.

I have two questions.

  1. Why would i bother to knit stockinettefora felted project? Is this really necessary?

  2. Mitered bottom.What does this mean?I’ve seen that word before, but I can’t figure out what you guys are talking about.

  3. (yeah, I said two, but…) are there any tips I ought to know before getting started?


My two cents on the stockinette part is that perhaps it would make a smoother fulled piece. I have just started to explore this area and I have felt (touched that is) felted items that seem rougher that were knit in garter and smoother that were knit in stockinette…
hope that sounds logical…
I have seen some “mitered corner” patterns that were done in variegated colored yarns that remind a person of the corner of a picture frame or trim moulding if you can imagine… you know, the slanted cut to make a corner… make sense? :thinking:
And although I haven’t started a bag project yet, just browing pattern ideas, my only tip is what I always see folks here say, do a test swatch to be sure your yarn felts/fulls the way you like it…
Have fun, be sure to post a pic of it! :smiley:

mitered = a 45 degree angle at the corner.

Hmm…I sent a note thanking you guys for your input, but I don’t knwo where it went. Maybe I attached it to the wrong thread…oops!

Anyway, I realized that I’d be doing stockinette because the bag is knitted in the round!

I do have another question about this. I have to know which side is the inside and which is the outside because there is a seam on the bottom that will show (I will want this on the inside, of course). So which is it?

Because it is stockinette, the fabric curls at the edges. Do I want the stickinette side on the outside with the curl showing outward, or do I want the knit stich outside with the curl facing inside?

Or, should I block this first? The pattern doesn’t say to.


When you knit in the round, the knit stitches are the outside the the purl are the inside. The edging of the bag will prevent any curling. If its felted, you don’t have to block it because it will shrink anyway.

Thanks Ingrid,

Yes, I understand that the knit will be outside and the purl will be inside when I’m knitting, but I’m wondering about the finished product. BinkyKat suggested that a purl might be softer, so I’m thinking that should be my outside.

About that comment on the curl…Do you mean that after it is felted the edging should take away the curl? I hope that’s what you mean becuase I’m almost ready to start the bottom and boy-oh-boy do I have a big ol’ curl on this. It curls at the top (opening) and it curls at the handles.

Oh yeah, we got curls.

On another note, I’m LOVING this Lamb’s Pride wool. I usually use cheap stuff and that’s fine with me, but this is such a joy to work with!

Thanks everyone!

After its felted, when it’s still wet, you’re supposed to put it over something to hold the shape. It should dry without the curl.

Ah, okay. Thanks again!

Okay, now I’m stuck on the mitered bottom. Oy.

It reads:

You’ll be decreasing before and after each of the 4 corner markers (ignoring beginning of row marker) to create a flat bottom on the bag.
Next row: knit to 2 stitches before marker, k2tog, slip marker, ssk, continuing to decrease around in this method.
Continue decreasing every row until the short sides of bag have 2 stitches each.
Next row: Knit the stitch before and after the markers together, removing marker, ending at beginning of row marker.

What’s stumping me is the k2tog, slip marker, ssk. I know how to k2tog. What does slip marker mean? What does ssk mean?


Okay, Ifigured out the ssk thing, I’m almost finished, but there’s one more problem.

I’m doing the mitered bottom and I’m almost finished.I’m down to 2 st at the short sides. Than it says,

“Knit the stitch before and after the markers together, removing marker, ending at beginning of row marker.”

I tried to just blindly follow instructions, but really now,can that be right? If that means that I should pick upthe stich before themarked st,and the st after the marked st and knit them together, than I’d end up with the marked st unknitted. It would just be hanging out there. The whole thing would unravel.

Someone please help. I’ve only got 20 minutes left on this bag but I cannot do it until I understand this one crutial step.

Thanks so much,

When I have markers on the needle, they’re around the needle. Not on the stitch itself. When I read the directions, I pictured two stitches with a marker between them, taking out the marker and knitting them together.

I would pick up the stitch before the marked st and the marked st and knit them together. When they say place marker, the one you marked would be the stitche that would be after my marker around the needle. (if that doesn’t make sense, ignore it.) Just knit the stitch before and the marked stitch together and you will be fine.