Fulled lopi bag

ok…so I’ve decided to branch out…I’m making the Lopi bag from the free patterns page, and I’m kinda stuck. I have to bind off then on the next row cast on where I bound off to make the handles. What is the best way to cast on those stiches? I did it last night, but the stiches were twisted because I flipped the needles…I usually do two needle or long tail…please help!


Here are some other cast on methods. I would probably go with the knitted or backward loop.

thanks! I haven’t been about to try it…my son decided to “help” me and unravel 3 rows…I was so mad I just decided it was fubar…When I get to that point again I’ll try it out! Ireally don’t know what I did to make it flipped…oh well…practice makes perfect!

As long as you keep it on a high shelf!! :wink:

Thanks Ingrid! Yeah…my son will do anything to get a hold of my knitting! The backward loop cast on worked great! Hopefully I can get some finished before the holidays!