I have asked this question but really didn’t get a specific answer although I wasn’t specific in my question.
I am new so I’m starting out with a small project from a pattern a friend shared with me.
I cast on the first row the second row says to knit three and purl one ,knit three and so on across the row.
After I do this I have too many stitches on the needle. My questin is when I am bringing the yarn to the front for the purl stitches is that what is adding the extra stiches to my row? I’m thinking that may be causing a yarn over affect. Is that what is happening? If so how do I stop that from happening. Don’t I have to bring the yarn to the front to purl.
I am confused and can’t seem to get even a simple project going. I am getting frustrated.

I would appreciate any help anyone can give me…Thanks Evelyn :crying:

well it is possible that is when it is happening. if you are bringing the yarn forward or back by going OVER the needles instead of between them it would cause the yarn over.

The other issue is when you start the new row. You have to make sure you are bringing the yarn around back of the needle and not up over the needle. When you first turn your work the yarn is likely going to be hanging down in front. If you bring the yarn up and over to begin working it will look like there is another stitch that needs to be worked. If you play with the yarn a bit you will see what i am talking about. Make sure that you bring it under and behind the needle and not up and over the needle.