Frustrating Experience with new knitter

I was delighted when my SIL said that when we come to visit I should show her daughter, my 24 year old niece, what I have learned in knitting and teach her. I am pretty new at knitting, but over the past year have really worked on knitting skills, so I felt pretty confident that I could show a few simple things.

So we are here visitng with them, and I pull out my knitting. She tells me she learned to knit in Estonia when she was living there last year and she only knows how to “knit.” She shows me her scarves all made in garter stitch with homespun yarn. Nothing very exciting, but not bad for a new knitter. We chat and I show what I brought to work on, a couple of my magazines and few of my patterns that I also brought with me. She comments that I must really be into this knitting thing. Well, yeah. She seems interested in other ways to “knit” so I explain the knit stitch, the purl stitch and a few others that I have learned. She says I don’t think I can do that and I am not sure I could remember what to do, etc. So I drop the subject and keep working on my project.

Last night she asks me to show her some of what I have learned in knitting so she can try it. So I try but all she has is homespun yarn, not my favorite yarn and not easy to show new things with the textured yarn. I use my yarn to demostrate, but it’s pretty thin so it’s hard to really see. I start by asking her to show me how she casts on. I encourage her to try another CO method, the long tail cast on which would work better for her projects. The WHOLE time she is complaining how hard it is, she won’t remember, her way is easier, etc. I just ignore her and keep showing her, finally she gets a few stitches on and I comment how nice they look…they really did. But she still hems and haw about the whole process while she keep doing a few more.

I try a few other suggestions for stitches now that we have a row of CO’s but it’s like hitting a wall… :wall:

Finally I have an idea I have her take off all the CO expect four and show her how to make K2, YO, K to the end, and how that will form a triangle and eventually a shawl. She seems a bit reluctant but tries it. She discovers she can do it! And spent most of today working on that with out complaining. I pulled out my project and my stitch markers, to which she replies what are those…I explain…she comments…wow you really have a lot of fancy stuff to go with your knitting. Well, yeah I sort of need those fancy things to do my projects. I end up explaining blocking, seaming, etc, too which she replies well I don’t have time for all that, it’s too much work. :shrug:

Ok, I give up do you want to learn more about knitting or not? :??

Tonight I told her I was going to take her to the store tomorrow and buy some thick easy to knit yarn and sit down with her and work on some different stitch patterns. That seems to spark her interest. I really don’t want to be pushy, but I am bit confused if she really does what to learn more. (It’s probably not helping with some of the strange comments I have been getting about my new hobby that I love and they seem to think is still for old ladies in a rocking chair.)

Ok, I feel better that I could express that! :happydance:

Maybe she is just nervous about her work next to yours? Sometimes when I have someone showing me stuff, I hate letting them see how crap I am at it, so I would say something like she did-- even if I did want to know. I can’t say why, b/c I always kick myself later for doing it… but maybe that is what she is doing? :shrug:

You did your best and laid the groundwork for her to take the next step. Maybe it just isn’t the right time for her. I didn’t really get into knitting when I first learned, it was something I picked up later in life.

But all that stuff my mom and grandmother taught me came back to me when I finally decided it was the time to start knitting.

So I think you did your part. Now it’s up to her to develop the enthusiasm.

Happy holidays!

Thanks, I think a good night’s sleep helped to refocus and let her take the next step. If she is interested I am willing to help her. And I suppose with a house full of people and every watching her she is more nervous.

Thanks! Merry Christmas!

Do people think that there is an age at which all women suddenly have the innate ability to knit?! :grrr:

Like we turn 55 and suddenly some genetic switch goes off and “Voila!! I can make fair isle sweaters!” :wall:

Ridiculous. Like knitting isn’t a skill. And yet so many people have said, “Oh I could never do that!” Gaaaaah!

Sorry. :oops: Rant over. Thank heavens you guys are here. :star:

It’s funny because they keep saying, you are really into this knitting thing. Guess they just don’t understand you can be young and into this knitting thing! I am so glad there are other out there that love to knit as much as me! :cheering:

It took me a few months to learn how to hold the needles and get the yarn to do what I wanted so I understand that it’s hard. Once I got the hang of it I just loved it and wanted to do more and more and more… :teehee:

A new day, a trip to the LYS, maybe a few new balls of yarn, and even if she wants to wait I won’t push her. Just want her to enjoy it and not be stressed over it!