I haven’t been having any luck lately. :doh:

First, after about ten attempts starting a scarf, I dropped a stitch after completing 2/3 of the scarf. The more I tried to pick the stitch up the worse it got. :frog: I finally frogged and decided to move to another project.

:cheering: Then I began a baby afghan. I frogged and frogged :frog: :wall: :frog: trying to get the pattern correct - 123 stitches across. I finally figured out how to do the pattern and knitted 6 inches when I dropped a stitch. I had put in a life line, but I put it in the middle of the pattern :shock: :doh: and couldn’t figure out were I needed to start again. Sooo, after frogging back to were I could pick-up, I now only have about 3 inches. :frog: :frog:

My dh just doesn’t understand why I continue … :blush:

Have you tried using a crochet hook to grab the dropped st? For k st use it from the front, purl from the back.

Another option, which I have used on more than one occasion–and believe me, its legal–is to just kind of weave the dropped st in. If you’ve been able to continue the pattern w/o that st, then just kind of secure it to the back. If I realize that I dropped a st because I’m at a place in the pattern that I need it, if I can’t bring it up with a crochet hook and have it be unnoticable, I secure the dropped one and add a st where I need it. Even though I have lots of experience, stuff happens. In the end, I’m the ONLY one who knows where these oopsies are. If they are too noticable, then yes, I frog, and have done that alot. But not if I can fudge.

Knitting should be fun and relaxing–not raise your BP!


I know the feeling. I switched to bamboo needles, and I :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: LOVE knitting with them. I am slowly replacing my needles with bamboo. I rarely drop a stitch any more. I know that you can’t knit as quickly with them as the other, but I am not worried about knitting quickly.

I am knitting a diagonal baby blanket and when I was getting about 1/2 way through on the metal neeldes, my hands were getting tired from trying to hold the yarn in place and knitting plus the combined weight of the blanket. I bought a pair of the bamboo circulars in the same size and WOW! What a difference it made.

There are some things that I can’t do on bamboo because I need the material to slip more. For instance my mom gave me some ribbon yarn to make her a scarf and I have found it much easier to use the metal needles with that ribbon.

Just my two cents. :wink:


Thanks! I’ve got it together and seem to be doing better. :smiley:

In my knitting 101 class that I took, she made us practice picking up a dropped stitch…even still, I often botch have to go back even further, and even though I understand the lifeline in theory, don’t always get it in practice…

I probably need to do some swatches and practice my fixes again.

Oh btw, I do agree, crochet hooks are the bomb for fixes, I have them in several sizes…