Frustrated with Homespun

I got some Lion Brand Homespun as a gift and I am having a really hard time trying to knit with it. I’m using size 13 needles and have had to start my project over at least 4 times already (just a simple scarf … all garter stitch). Is anyone else annoyed with this yarn or is just me because I’m a newbie?

Specifically, I’m having a hard time determining the appropriate tension and tend to have uneven spots where some of the knitting is looser and some is not. :cry: Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

Awww. It’s frustrating working with a yarn that is just not one you like, isn’t it? I use lots of homespun. I’ve found that for me, it’s much easier if I use metal needles with decent points, as opposed to wood or plastic needles with blunter points. One thing to watch for is not getting the needle hung up in that thread that wraps around the strand of yarn, and to also comes to terms with the fact that homespun has thicker and thinner places. It’s not a yarn that shows off stitch patterns very well. But it can be beautiful when used in the right situation. I think a scarf sounds nice!
If you really are hating it, you might consider trying to crochet with it instead, if you know how. I have yarns I don’t like to knit with but are fine for crocheting, and vice versa.

Not knowing how off the tension is, it’s hard to say too much. I’ve worked with the Lion homespun myself, and just had to come to a happy place about certain irregularities and difficult things of working with that yarn. If the tension irregularity isn’t actually badly affecting the shape and overall even-ness of your piece, you may just need to live with it…

I started a scarf on size 11 needles (wooden, which were sort of a pain) in garter stitch and just let it be irregular because it didn’t need perfect tension and even-ness. It ultimatly was ending up (I’ve not come anywhere near finishing it due to other interesting pieces getting in the way grin) with a really cool feel, nubbly from the yarn, garter stitch, and slight irregularity.

If you’re not in a hurry for your project, I’d reccomend working a smaller swatch piece some 6" wide and just sort of work with the yarn; you can always rip the stitches and wind it later so you don’t wast it. That way, you can work with your tension, or just crank out a few shorter rows to see if you can live with, or remedy, the results.

Hey Glitzy, I like your blog place. Just read about 40 or so of you 100 list. It’s very cool. I want to do it! but I have something stopping me, like maybe I’m not supposed to play and have a good time???

Btw, I’m from Michigan, way back when…

I’d say to relax about the yarn. Maybe you should knit a little tighter? Or, I’ve been working on a scarf with some homespun where I just played around and did rows of garter, then a block of seed stitch, then put some angora in and did triples, then repeat all over. It’s been interesting to watch it evolve and it doesn’t matter then if some parts are looser although I tend to knit a bit tight. I think homespun is fantastic, I like the arty homemade look as opposed to the usual perfect stuff. all for now! Vic

Your needles might be too big. I’m using size 10 and they’re perfect for this yarn.

Yep, I made a pillow and a scarf with homespun and found it a bit finicky! If I’m not mistaken I used either a 6 or 8 size needle for mine. Keep trying!

Yeah Homespun can be a bit fickle. I used to work with it a lot several years ago. Since it doesn’t show patterns very well, I find that I avoid nowadays though.

Just my two cents… :slight_smile:

Thanks to everyone for their responses. It’s good to know I’m not the only one who finds Homespun to be finicky I guess I just have to relax about it and try smaller needles …and maybe learn to crochet too :wink:

Homespun is definitely not one of my faves, but is so cheap and soft to make things out of. I find if I just don’t look at it I am fine. (and also use metal needles) Also when I knit with it I kind of lay the needle up against the other needle and slide it along the needle into the stitch (if that makes sense). Otherwise it seems I will put the needle in the stitch but between one of the fuzzy’s. The more I think about it the more I remember what a pain in the ass it was knitting that last thing I did. :lol:I do like that if you use the recommended size of needles, any tension mistakes are covered up pretty well.

Happy Knitting :slight_smile:

I actually knit the entire back of a cardigan with Homespun, realized I hated it, frogged it and gave away all six skeins I’d bought.

It’s just not a favorite of mine.

If it turns out that you just don’t like it either, let it go and pass it on to another knitter.

There are many other yarn fish in the sea!


I like homespun for scarves and hats… I like the bumpy texture, but it is a PITA to knit with. My LYS sells mill ends, so I can get it supoer cheap, which is nice, but I’m too much of a yarn snob (don’t throw anything!!) to use Homespun for an important project.