Frustrated new knitter



Hi everyone I’m new here and new to knitting. I have fallen in love with fiber crafts and wanted to try knitting. I’ve knitted a little before but I don’t seem to remember much at all. So I am trying the Bernat Horseshoe Cable Blanket - kinda a big mistake but I thought using a big chunky yarn would work but I’ve ripped out and restarted 100s of times (I’m stubborn). Last night was my last straw and I need help. So I need to start with the basics: how can you tell RS from WS? I made it all the way to the cable panel in that pattern and my cables looked like they came out on opposite sides.

Also, this pattern has 12 rows for the cable panel. Around the cable panels is ribbing but it only gives the pattern for the ribbing for two rows. Do I just alternate the ribbing pattern until I am done with 12 cable panel rows? I.e. row1 ribbing, row1 cable; row2 ribbing, row2 cable; row1 ribbing, row3 cable; row2 ribbing, row4 cable; row1 ribbing, row5 cable… and so on.

Thank you all for your help!


Hi, I am happy you joined! First of all, the rs and ws, when you cast on the first row you knit will start the ws, your tail will be on the right side of your work, then the next row(2), is rs, tail is on the left. Also you can always put a safety pin, or split marker, to designate the rs.
Second, yes, although I did not look up your pattern, I think you knit so many stitches, then cable, stiches, cable. The next rows will work in pattern.
I hope this helps, don’t get frustrated, cables are not the easiest to start!


Welcome to KH!
Daphnie’s suggestion of a marker in the RS is a good one. It will help remind you to keep all the cable crosses on the RS.

Knit the rows of ribbing with garter edging alternating rows 1 and 2 until you have 4". End having completed a row 1. Increase on the next row (a row 2) so that you have the given number of sts.

Now start the first row (RS) of the cable pattern:
Proceed in pat as follows:
1st row: (RS). K2. [Work 1st row Cable Panel**. P2. (K2. P2) 4 times**] twice. Work 1st row Cable Panel. K2.

Repeat the new instructions for ribbing (bolded above), row 1, row 2 over and over as you work the 12 row cable panels. Just follow the instructions for the blanket as written with k2 at the end of each row. This will give you a garter edge.


Thank you so much! That is a big help!