Frustrated crocheter, simple beginner knit projects?

Hey everyone! I’m new to and new to knitting in general. I’m 19 and have been crocheting a lot for the past several years. I just learned to knit in the past couple of weeks using this website, and I’ve made a bunch of garter knit scarves (I love how knitting makes it much easier to use the crazy fuzzy types of yarn) and the Irish Hiking Scarf from Hello Yarn. It may be simple, but I’ve only been knitting for about two weeks and I’m sooo proud to have made it! :smiley:
I’m getting so frustrated though, because I can make all kinds of cool things with crochet, and all I can do with knitting is make scarves. Knitting seems to have the potential to make much better clothing items, etc. than crochet, and I really want to do some nice projects. I don’t really know what kind of projects are best for beginners. I really, really want to do some type of sweater or cardigan, but I’ll settle for something else cool if it’ll help me learn different techniques in knitting.
Does anyone have any suggestions? I can’t do anything that’s too advanced because I’m so new, but I get so frustrated that I’ve been working with yarn projects for so long and can only knit the simplest things. Something in between could be quite nice, but I’m not sure where to begin.
You guys seem to offer a lot of excellent advice, and I’m appreciate of everything I’ve learned about knitting from this site (which is everything I’ve learned about knitting.)
Thanks in advance! :happydance:

Maybe a bottom up raglan sweater done in plain stockinette? They are real easy and quick to knit. (They are done in the round, so you’ll need a circular needle.)

That sounds great, but I’ve been searching and can’t seem to find a pattern for just the simple, basic sweater. What else would I need, besides yarn and a pattern? Do I need one of those little needle things where the two needles are connected by that thing, like in the video for the magic loops? I’ve not done any knitting that goes around, just scarves, and I only have size 9 regular knitting needles. I have no problem getting more stuff, I just don’t know what I need to get.
Any help locating a basic pattern or coming up with a list of things I need to purchase for it?
Great idea for the sweater, much thanks. Glad to know that there ARE sweaters that are relatively simple to make :happydance:

The videos you can find here are exellent help. I also use the Knitting Pattern Central. Here you can find lots of free patterns on the net, and there are also help with tips 'n tricks from knitters around the world.
My best tip is to first decide what you want to knit, then ask at you’re local yarn-store. I’m sure they will tell you what you need to start you’re project.

Yes, a sweater is easier to knit on circular needles, whether you knit in the round or flat. You may also want to try hats (involves decreases, either ribbing or cables if you want to try them, and possible knitting around), or mittens/wrist warmers which can be knit flat or in the round and you can make them plain or not. Look at for patterns; TopSecret is an easy sweater pattern and there’s tons more ideas for the other items.


Bags are good too, esp to try new stitches on :smiley:

Another great first project is a bag.
Just Google knitted bag patterns and you’ll be inundated.
Here’s a cute, simple one for starters. It’s felted, so any flaws will be obliterated.

And another:

Hey, you’re going to need something to carry your knitting in no?