Front & neck edging baby baseball jacket - help

Please help me!
I am a new knitter and have managed to make most of the baby baseball jacket from the Debbie Bliss Cashmerino 4 book. I’m now stuck on the front and neck edging.
I have never knitted with circular needles and do not know how to pick up stitches from the edges. I hope someone can help…
I can type out that part of the pattern if it helps.

Thank you!:aww:

You might be knitting flat with the circulars if its just the front and neck bands, that would be too many stitches for a straight needle. There’s a video for picking up on the Tip page neard the bottom. With the RS facing you and starting with the bottom edge of the sweater on the right, insert your needle into a stitch on the edge, wrap the yarn around and pull through. Repeat all the way up the edge, around the neck and down the other edge. You’ll probably pick up in 2 edge sts, skip 1, then pick up in the next 2, skip 1 and so on, all the way around.

With right side facing, 3mm circular needle and ruby thread, pick up and K55 sts up right front edge, [k2tog,k3] from front neck holder, pick up and k9 sts up right front, [k1, k2tog] from right front safety pin, [k2tog, k6, k2tog] from sleeve top, [k2 tog, k23, k2tog] from back neck, [k2tog, k6, k2tog] from sleeve top, [k2tog, k1] from left front safety pin, pick up and k9 sts down left front safety pin, pick up and k9 sts down left front [k3, skpo] from front neck holder, then pick up and k55 sts down left front edge. 181 sts.

Next row: K54 inc in next st, k71, inc in next st, k54
Next row: K56, m1, k71, m1, k56
Next row: cast off 56sts, k next 72 sts, cast off rem 56 sts. Break off thread.

Yep, you are using it to knit flat, so just pretend the edge is your left needle and ‘knit’ the right number of sts for each section along it, knit the sts from the holders and down the front edge.

It may also help to divide the fronts and maybe some of the other parts into sections to make it easier to pick up the sts. If you divide the fronts for example into 2 or even 4 sections marked with spare yarn or a safety pin. you can pick up sts along a shorter length and keep yourself on track. That way you pick up more evenly and don’t end up with too many or too few sts.