From crochet to knit patterns

This may be a silly question… How hard is it to take a crochet pattern and turn it into a knit pattern? I found a couple beautiful blanket patterns that I’d like to do, but they are in crochet pattern and I haven’t crocheted in years. I’d love to know how hard it is to convert them to a knitting pattern. Is it the same, or do you just have to adjust and go with it?

If you find a way…let me know…cause there is a bear pattern I am dying to try…but I can’t crochet to save my life…sigh

I think it would be pretty hard because knit sts and crochet st are
just different! If it is a color pattern you want to recreate then I’d
say get some knitters graph paper and some color pencils and
just play around til you get the right look. If it is a stitch pattern
then I would think you’d need to have access to some really good
stitchionaries so you could try to find knit sts that look similar to
the crochet ones you want to replicate. Could turn into a very long
and agonizing process! Of course you could probably post pics here
and get other peoples opinions about how to go about achieving the
same look with knitting…

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That’s right. Knitting and crochet are totally different animals. One’s a swan and the other is a grizzly bear. Each has its own strengths. Knitting works with multiple stitches all at once; crochet works just one stitch at a time.



I’m curious-which one is the swan and which one is a grizzly bear?

Knitting is the more delicate, graceful swan. Crochet is the tough, durable, lumbering grizzly bear.

There is a book called “From Needles to Hook” by Donna Scott, which could possibly be helpful. It’s about converting knitting patterns to crochet, but I wonder if taking a look at it and reversing the process might be an option.

It depends on what you want to make. The bear pattern Cryket spoke of is more likely to be knittable, although you might have to mess with the row gauge (single crochet is pretty much square, while stockinette is slightly “squished”.) The blankets might or might not be convertible. If they’re light and lacy, lots of shell stitch and such, they probably have to stay in crochet. If they’re more solid, panels of sc or dc, or cables, it’s probably possible to convert them.

I have nothing against either craft and do both, often in combination. If you can knit, it isn’t that much harder to crochet, and it’s faster. I like crocheted lace better (and it holds up better over time), but to me, anything made out of vast stretches of plain fabric is better off knit because of the lighter, more flexible fabric.

I did an internet search for exactly this information about six months ago and found two potentially good sources. I have to say that I haven’t actually used any of it, but I saved them for use in the future.

One of the links is from a site called Fiber Images:

and the other is from Ehow:

Both sites seem to have some detailed info on converting crochet patterns into knitting patterns. There may be more out there, but I hope this helps you! sells a book that supposedly tells you how to convert one to the other. I’m not endorsing it as I’ve never seen it - just that I’ve seen it advertized there.

i have croc het from a knitting pattern
top down sweater
i did exactly the same for the crochet sweater as i did for the
knitted sweater
worked out well

Hi there, I was fortunate enough to “inherit” a wonderful book called From Needles to Hook…Converting “knit” to “crochet”… So maybe if you find it in the library or somewhere, you can review it and figure out how to convert crochet to knit cause it shows all “knit” patterns converted to crochet…Maybe you would be able to reverse the process???