From Counterpane to Dishcloth

Well here’s another dishcloth. It is actually from this book. (Page 39)

It’s a counterpane from way back, I’ve been eyeing making it, but wanted to get comfortable with DPN’s first. I’m loving it, and the pattern is so simple, I think I’m going to (one of these days) make a circular blanket out of it…just keep knitting.

That is so pretty, Letah! The yarn works very well for this!

Nice!To nice to use as dish cloth.:cheering:

How cute is that?! :inlove:

That is beautiful! I love, love, love the colors…it looks almost like marble.

That looks great.

What yarn did you use on this…it is beautiful! A DISHCLOTH? I wouldn’t let this beautiful item TOUCH my nasty dirty dishes…well, my china MIGHT be worthy of being washed by such a glorious dishcloth!

Great job. I love it!