What is the biggest project you’ve ever had to frog?

Umm… about 1/3 of an afghan I decided not to finish. :teehee:

The biggest for me was the feather and fan baby blanket I recently finished. I had to frog bavck over 5 rows to correst a mistake and I had over 230 stitches per row to undo.

I’ve taken apart a number of finished cardis (hip length)…woven ends and all…that I’d worn but didn’t like. The fact that I’d made them made undoing them easier. (Knew where to look for woven ends, seaming yarns, etc.)


Just tonight I’ve frogged fifteen rows on a sock. Found an error. Nobody else would have seen it, but it bugged me half to death. Then a few rows later, dropped a stitch, and gave up for the night. :wink:

I frogged the entire sweater I started and had hours of work done on. I already completed 2 repeats, but I was getting the sts wrong on the motif up the side- so. . . frogged! About I guess it was about 20 rounds.

I’m starting over today.

I was about 2/3 through an Icarus shawl and I frogged it. there was a really small mistake close to the beginning that I found several rows later and I just couldn’t deal with it so I frogged. I’ve also frogged an entire finished sock once because I decided I wasn’t happy with how the colors pooled. So, I frogged and re-CO with a different gauge and got striping I was MUCH happier with.

I don’t feel so bad now for frogging half of my vest. I also found a mistake, even though small, but it was bothering me also. Thanks to all who shared their stories!

AN ENTIRE SWEATER! Last winter I made a top down raglan pullover out of some really nice cashmere. I checked my guage and it was spot on. So I blithely knitted away. I got to the ribbing at the bottom and realiwed it was HUGE. I could have fit two of me int it. So I frogged it.

I’ve frogged both a child’s sweater and an adult’s sweater (at different times). It made me mad, but with the mistakes I’d made (well, the child’s sweater it was that it didn’t fit properly), I couldn’t leave them as is.

About 4 or 5 skeins of Super Saver, crochet.
Worst was about 1" of double knit socks that I knitted together. I wasn’t sure I’d get them picked back up right.

I took down two panels of afghan and descided to start a sweater with it…

The biggest I’d say would have to be a shrug. It was such an intriquite pattern and I was innocently using slippery needles. You can guess what happened on a trip to Reno… :aww: My hands just couldn’t catch the stitches in time and the pattern being how it was, there was no way that I was going to get the stitches in the right spots. :doh:

I frogged 2 entire sweaters this past spring. I had worn them a few times over the years but was never entirely happy with the fit. The people here at KH gave me the courage to just frog and someday I will make other sweaters out of the yarn since it was lovely alpaca and mohair blends. I still have an angora sweater to frog that a mouse got into and chewed a hole in the back and another sweater that I improvised on because I didn’t have enough yarn to finish and it didn’t work out the way I thought it would.

I haven’t made any really big projects, but I had to frog an entire hat after I was a few rows into the decreases because I noticed a wrong cable cross down near the beginning. :frowning: I learned from that to check my work a lot more often and more carefully!

My most recent thing is a lace shawl. I’m not 16 rows into it, but I’ve probably knit about 40 or more rows, and have started completely over 3 times. Yes, I used lifelines, but still messed up…I found a dropped stitch below a lifeline!

It’s going smoothly now,though.

I had nearly finished a camisole when I realized (er, admitted) it was going to be too big and frogged the whole thing (why are we so good at denial)…

But for sheer number of stitches frogged, it has to be the Jaywalkers. I’ve been knitting those forever and it’s been 2 steps forward, 3 steps back from the beginning. :teehee:

A nice trick if you have to frog “the whole thing” of something is to just cast on with the free end and knit out of the garment you are frogging as your ball of yarn. Kind of like those sock yarns that come in a flat? It just means one less time the yarn is handled and wound, and it comes in handy if you don’t have a ball winder. :slight_smile:

I haven’t started frogging yet, but I have to frog about 8 rows of an afghan…and I’m terrified!!!
I put the darn thing aside for a while (OK, I’ll admit it - I took it to work one Saturday because a lot of times the afternoon will get slow and I can get something done. Well, this time my mom - still working at almost 80 - interrupted me to do some little piddly thing, I had to end in the middle of a row, and…well, you can guess the rest) and when I picked it back up I messed it up good. I don’t want to rip out the whole thing, just back before this mistake. I’ll admit, I did mess this one up from the beginning - it’s supposed to be a checkerboard pattern, and I got zoned out at the start and forgot to switch to the checkerboard when I was supposed to. But, I decided to keep going and just have the “checkerboards” be a longer length than was orginally intended - it looks pretty good, even with that, um…modification so I just figured I’d keep that up. The mistake this time is not adaptable.
Now I’ve just got to get up the guts to insert a circular needle below the row I want to frog to…and hope to heck I don’t miss picking up any stitches. I’m scared!!!