Frogged, now merino is curly, can I iron it?

apologies in advance, I tried searching, but I couldn’t find anything.

I frogged that chevron pattern made with the Zara. now the yarn is all curly, can I iron it? what’s the best way to uncurl it?

THANKS :heart: !

I read something once that said to hang it in the bathroom while you shower…but I can’t remember where it was. Sorry! :oops:

if you iron it, i think it is likely you will end up felting it. i would hang it on a hanger in your shower and turn on super hot water to steam it. don’t get it wet of course, just let it steam and it should fall out to a certain extent. probably won’t come flat but should loosen up pretty well.

:heart: I love this place - such fast responses! :heart:

thank you - I will try the steam/bathroom method today :smiley: !

I did the same thing & I just balled the yarn back up, it was curly the entire time that I knit with it, and I ended up with this hat :wink: !
:frowning: sorry u had to frog that beautiful scarf!

thanks rebecca :heart:!
that is a cuuuute hat :cheering:!
I loved that scarf too but the curling - nuh uh.

U will just have to do it with something else…it’s too pretty not to do again :wink:

the steam/bathroom method worked :thumbsup: :D. THANKS!!!

and thanks rebecca - I think I’ll stick to KPPPM for that pattern.