French\Spool Knitting

Has anyone here tried to do french knitting?? I have. It’s use ful for making I cords and bracelets.

Is that the little spool with “nails” or whatever sticking up? I used one of those when I was a little girl.

Yes, it is. We bought one a few days ago from Wal-Mart.:knitting:

I’ve used one of those ever since my Grandpa made me some YEARS ago with wood and some nails. My sister and I used to make lllooooooonnnggg tails and then coil them up and sew them together to make hot pads.

Now-a-days they make plastic ones that are bigger and you can use Fun Fur with them to make scarves or belts!!


Aww, I remember those from when I was a kid! I’m from Holland, and we used to call it “punniken”, and for a while everyone was obsessed with making yards and yards of brightly rainbow-colored cords and then trying to come up with a purpose for them. So much fun! Thanks for the visit to memory lane! :mrgreen:

We played around with them as kids. I bought one a few years ago, but didn’t make the finished item into anything. You used to be able to get them in different shapes and sizes. I read in a knitting magazine a few years ago about an elderly couple who used them to make rugs. I’d really love to try out a knitting loom.