French knitting

Can anyone help. I’ve bought my daughter a french knitting kit, but don’t understand the instructions for casting on. I’m sure I’m following them properly, but all the stithes just seem to drop off the pegs. Can anyone try to explain to me how to do this. I used to do french knitting as a child but just can’t remember how! :??
(You may not know what I’m talking about, this is where you have a circle of plastic with pegs on it and you weave the yarn onto it. This is used to create ‘tubes’.) Thanks, Cheryl, UK.

there is a product out there called the Knifty Knitter, and the prinicpal is the same I’m sure…see if there are directions out there for that.

Also it is known as Corking…or Knitting Knobby (not sure of the spelling for that one.)

I also saw a link I think here, for the knitting paddle…same principal.

good luck!!!

I found this page on a search, maybe it will help.

Wow, thank you both so much, I now know what I’m doing. That’s not how it says to do it in the instructions, I think the person who wrote them needs to be fired, lol. Thanks again for your help, my daughter will be so pleased. I taught her finger knitting yesterday and she made a lovely scarf for one of her teddies. :thumbsup: