Free scarf pattern....grrrrr!

OK - the design here is nothing fancy. I’ve just tapered the ends. But these three yarns together create such DEPTH of color! GRRRRR!

If anyone has any feedback on this pattern, please post it below!

Skill Level: Very Easy

Size: 4” x 56”

Patons Bohemian, Color “Artistic Taupes”, 1 skein (68 yds)
Lion Brand Fun Fur, Color “Copper”, 1 skein (64 yds)
Bernat Disco, Color “Mr. Brown”, 1 skein (52 yds)
Straight or Circular needles, size 15

7sts = 4”

Abbreviations: kfb = knit into the front & back of the stitch; SSK = slip 2 sts as if to knit, reinsert left needle into the front of those 2 sts & knit them together through the back loop.

Holding all three yarns together as one, cast on one (1) st.
Row 1: knit
Row 2: kfb, k1
Row 3: k3
Row 4: kfb, k3
Row 5: k4
Continue in this manner (kfb in the first st of every other row) until there are 7 sts on the needle (you may make it wider, but it may then require more than 1 skein of each yarn).
Continue in garter st (knit every row) until scarf is 52” long (you may make it longer, but it may then require more than 1 skein of each yarn)
Next row: SSK, k5
Next row: k6
Next row: SSK, k4
Next row: k5
Continue in this manner (SSK the first 2 sts of every other row) until one st remains on needle
Cut yarn, thread through remaining loop, pull tight
Weave in ends

Knifty Tip: Many times, when working with eyelash yarn, the “lashes” get caught in the stitches. When you are done with the piece, use the tip of a needle to lightly brush back & forth over the surfaces of both sides of the scarf, freeing the eyelashes and “poofing up” the look of your piece!

MUAH! :heart:

Thank you Kelly :happydance:

Hey Kelly,
I knitted this up tonight couldn’t belive how fast it went but umm not sure what I did the CO from 1-7 looks round and even but the SSK to 1 comes to a direct point with one side doing all the slant… so tomorrow I’ll take that part back out and re try it… I didn’t have the exact color you did in Paton so I used:
Patons Bohemian Copper Chaos
Bernat Disco Mr.Brown
Lion Brand’s Fun fur in black cause the Copper Chaos has black specks in it…

I also added a whole so I can put one end through it… Its very soft surprised me how comfy it was!! I was gonna give this to my MIL for Christmas cause of the name LOL but I don’t know now… with the right jeans and blue jean jacket yeahhhh :thumbsup:

Actually, sounds like your BO end is doin the right thing! I like slanty-ended scarves. I inc’d every OTHER row after cast on, and dec’d every OTHER row before BO. I bet you inc’d EVERY row after CO.

LOVE the idea of the hole!! And, cant wait to see pics of your color combo!!

Thanks for the pattern. I might start a pattern for my 3rd or 4th project and maybe I’ll give this a go.

Wow, you must have had to go deep into the forum to find this post. It’s been since 2005!! :teehee:

I dont understand how to follow a pattern at all either. Maybe this will help me too! I just keep knitting the same 'ol thing over and over until the ball of yarn is gone! Maybe then I can figure out how to do something else. I dont even know if I am knitting, purling, or what!! Good luck!!!

Did you watch the videos? They should help you understand what you are doing.