Free Pillow Pattern

I posted this earlier to “General Knitting” but thought it might be more helpful in this location.

I have just posted a free pillow pattern on my relatively new blog, and invite you to take a look at it. But I am also posting the pattern here along with a photo. If you like it and want more details, take a look at the blog with a different (and probably better pic). Please leave your comments and let me know what you think about all things that are knit!

The pattern is based on ruching which is a relatively simple series of increases and decreases.

Work 10 rows of stockinette starting with a knit row.
1st row of ruching, increase into every stitch.
Increase by knitting each stitch in the usual way but don’t drop the loop off the needle. Then move the yarn from the back to the front and purl the stitch. Slip the old stitch off the left needle and move the yarn to the back again.
Work 9 rows of stockinette starting with a purl row.
The next row, K2tog to the end.
Work 9 rows of stockinette starting with a purl row.
Finish with stockinette for 10 rows.
Work these 20 rows however many times you need to achieve the size pillow you want.

thank you! It looks really nice!